Furnace Installation and Furnace Replacement

Does your furnace consistently need repairs? Or maybe you are looking to increase your home’s resale value. Call Mattawan Mechanical today at 269-668-5415 and ask for Tim our Comfort Consultant. Tim will meet at your home or building to discuss your needs in a furnace replacement. After that, we will schedule the furnace installation day. Majority of furnace replacements will be done in 1 day depending on the size of the job. Meanwhile, please check out our coupons and specials.

Furnace Installation


Furnace Installation Near Me


Signs to Replace Your Furnace

  • Increase in repairs last 2 years
  • System is 20+ years old
  • Energy bills have drastically increased
  • Home is heated unevenly
  • Furnace has visible signs of cracks and rust
  • Furnace rumbles and shakes when on

More than 50% of your home or building energy bills go towards the heating and cooling. Therefore, the furnace should be reliable throughout the winter months. When it comes to furnace installations in the Kalamazoo area, we are the Comfort Specialists. With 31 years in business, we will always provide you with a professional recommendation to replace, repair or maintain your furnace. For example, if your furnace is 19 years old and has been repaired the last 4 winters, we will recommend options to replace your system to save you money with the long term investment in your home. If a furnace replacement is not an ideal investment for you, check out our financing options.

If you still think it is a minor repair or fix, check out our furnace repair page and submit your service request form to get in touch with our team.

Benefits of Furnace Replacement

  • Extend the operating life cycle of your furnace
  • Increase the home’s resale value
  • Warranty options to protect your investment
  • More money in your pocket due to a decrease in utility bills
  • You and your family can breathe in better quality air
  • Tax incentives

A furnace replacement is not an ideal investment. In fact, many homeowners like yourself overlook the value of a high efficiency gas furnace. Getting your furnace inspected by one of our technicians is the first step to determine if you need a furnace installation. Please reach out to us today at 269-668-5415 to schedule a furnace maintenance agreement.