Air Conditioning Installation – AC Replacement

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? Call Mattawan Mechanical today at 269-668-5415 and ask for Tim, our Comfort Consultant to schedule a free in-home estimate for an air conditioning installation. Meanwhile, please check out our coupons and specials to save on your next appointment.

Signs to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  • Air conditioner is more than 15 years old
  • Your air conditioner is using R22 Freon
  • Air conditioner is inefficient
  • Frequent and or expensive repairs
  • Your home is not comfortable

Did you know that more than 50% of your utility bills go towards the heating and cooling of your home? Having an inefficient air conditioner can increase your utility bills and still leave you and your family uncomfortable. At Mattawan Mechanical, we are Comfort Specialists when it comes to AC installations in the Kalamazoo area. We give you professional recommendations based on many factors to save you money in the long term. For example, we will recommend you replace your air conditioner if your unit is 22 years old and you have had it repaired every summer with no maintenance plans. The reason being, this unit is using outdated Freon. R-22 is very expensive due to the government push for more environmental friendly R-4. Also, the repairs won’t stop. Being proactive as a homeowner in repairs or maintenance has many benefits. Read below the benefits of replacing your air conditioner.

If you still think it is a minor repair or fix, check out our air conditioning repairs page and submit your service request form to get in touch with our team.