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WE'RE HERE TO HELP… Heating Your Home with Geothermal.

ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems are designed to improve your quality of life by providing superior comfort, lower energy bills, and great indoor air quality, while reducing the impact on the earth.

Achieve Tranquility

  • When it's cold outside and you need to heat your home, ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb heat stored in the ground through water that circulates in its underground loop. The heat is carried to the geothermal heat pump where it's concentrated and distributed as warm, comfortable air throughout your home.

  • By contrast, traditional air source heat pumps absorb heat from the very cold outside air to heat your home. This means air source heat pumps have to work very hard to properly heat your home, using a lot of energy. Gas furnaces burn natural gas to provide heat for your home and are only 98% efficient. Meanwhile, geothermal systems use far less energy by collecting heat from the earth, achieving 400-600% efficiencies.

  • Geothermal systems use less energy as they easily absorb heat from the abundant supply stored below ground, making geothermal heating significantly more energy efficient.

How does geothermal energy

compare with more traditional methods?

A high-efficiency gas furnace will give you less than .96 units of heat for each unit of gas burned. In contrast, with the advantages of a geothermal system you get up to 5 units of heat for each unit of electricity used.

How can that be? A furnace makes heat by burning fossil, a big disadvantage. A geothermal system doesn't make its own heat; it simply collects heat from the earth and moves it to your home.

What about cooling your home? A geothermal system exchanges the heat in your home with the cooler ground using it's underground loop system. It simply doesn't have to deal with high outside air temperatures the way that an air-source heat pump does.

The results can be a big difference in your monthly home heating bills. In terms of dollars on a yearly energy bill, take a look at the table below to see how the advantages of geothermal energy heating compares to heating with fossil fuels.

geothermal system vs gas furnaces

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